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Media East is a full-service media presentations company, offering your business or organization the highest quality indoor, outdoor, large-or small- venue graphic display promotion.

We combine very latest in high resolution digital technology with state-of-the-art mounting and display materials to guarantee a crisp, clear message that is durable, adaptable and offers the ultimate visibility through vivid, true colors and bold type and images. So whether you need your logo printed on a balloon, or a message that will grab the attention of an entire ballpark, Media east is your messenger.

Our long term experience in this area bottom lines to unparalleled customer service. We are not counter-based order-takers; we consult with every client to offer the best possible solution for each need, advertising environment and budget. (i.e. What is the size and location of your booth? What is the lighting configuration? Will your message be more effective in a glossy or a matte finish?, etc.) Service also means that we check and double check every product – if we find flaws or gaps in the artwork we’re given (which can often occur when standard sized files are enlarged for reproduction) we correct them – rebuilding, color enhancing, color-checking and spellchecking as necessary – we don’t just rotely reproduce what we’re given.

But we’re not just about the past – because while Media East’s track record does enable us to understand and render the large-format medium better than anyone in the marketplace, we employ and continually remain abreast of the latest techniques and technologies to embrace the present and anticipate the future. This includes a respect for your deadlines and timely turnaround on every job.

So whether you need a temporary trade show display, or long-term advertising in a fixed location, all ‘signs’ point to Media east for memorable, effective, top-quality graphic presentations.